The Primal Virgin Extra Olive Oil Oleum Deos

OLEUM DEOS is the essence, the elixir, the soul of olive oil origin. Our oil come from the acebuche, the wild and primitive olive tree, the genesis of all of them.

OLEUM DEOS is unique, natural and eco olive oil grown in the highlands of Caravaca de la Cruz, in the NW of Murcia.

Mixed among pine trees and aromatic plants, the acebuche oil is even more healthy than olive oil itself.

OLEUM DEOS. A divin whim.


The wild olive, beyond the extra virgin olive oil

According to greek mythology, Athena won the contest organized by Zeus against Poseidon to choose a patron for the new founded city of Attica. She instantly grew a new tree which would give its citizens food, oil and firewood.
In gratitude they named Attica after her: Athens. Since then, the olive tree is essential in Mediterranean culture and way of life.

The acebuche tree give small olives called acebuchinas. They produce much less and more concentrated oil than traditional olives.


The origin of Oleum Deos: Our natural and eco acebuche oil.

Oleum Deos the biggest acebuche grove in Spain, sited in the high land of Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia. Among pine trees and aromatic plants in a hard climate conditions, we obtain an extra premium product in a random and always scarce harvest, depend on the nature caprice.


We extract Oleum Deos exclusively from the fruits of our own acebuche trees avoiding any kind of fertilizer nor phytochemicals treatment.

The aboved mentioned philosophy allows us to offer you the best and most exclusive natural virgin acebuche oil.



Oleum Deos is a very aromatic oil with an amazing richness of flavors: evokes from the countryside, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, berries,… They are all mixed with spicy and bitter notes and low acidity that give it great finesse.

Oleum Deos is the envy of all Virgin extra olive oils. We recommend you to enjoy it as a dressing with any kind of meat, fish, vegetables, salads, gazpacho,… and, of course, pouring it on your warm breakfast toast to fully discover its richness and sublime flavors.

The acebuche
oil offer you a much bigger amount of antioxidants, tocopherols, E-vitamin and steroles than standard olive oil. Its unmatched properties make it healthier and more beneficial for your cardiovascular system.

It also reduces cholesterol, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, boosts our immune system and prevents cellular aging.


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Oleum Deos. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Authentic, made only from the fruits of our wild olive trees. Without fertilizer practices or phytosanitary treatments.
An oil of natural and eco acebuche oil.

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